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Harmonization of Tourism Development in Rural Areas of the Carpathian Region (HUSKROUA/0901/003)
Date du début: 9 déc. 2010, Date de fin: 28 nov. 2012 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

onomic development of rural communities of Carpathian Euroregion based on implementation of effective and efficient local policies and proactive tourism industry development and promotion mechanisms within border regions of Romania and Ukraine. Main activities: Introduction of a joint tourism policy in accordance with EU practices through the development of the Rural Carpathia Strategy and an effective cross-border tourism services marketing system;Facilitating the preservation of natural and cultural environment of the Carpathian Euroregion through the establishment of a joint tourism destination “Colorful Rural Carpathia“; Improvement of the Rural Carpathia’s competitiveness in Europe through the implementation of the Carpathian Tour Pass; Improvement of the skills and knowledge level of tourism industry professionals through the training programs offered by the Carpathian Tourism Development Office;Building joint information and marketing space and a more positive image of the Carpathian Euroregion in the regional and international markets. Achievements: A system of developing and promoting tourism services for Ukrainian and Romanian border regions; joint Ukrainian-Romanian tourist destination «Colorful Rural Carpathia»; competitiveness of the Carpathian Euroregion and its image in the European markets improved; improved self-employment indicators in the tourism sector; improved tourism sector information space within the Carpathian Euroregion.



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