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Harmonised eCall European Pilot - Phase 2 (HeERO2)
Date du début: 1 janv. 2013, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2014 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The overall objective of HeERO 2 is "To extend HeERO to new Member States or associated countries to demonstrate the scalability of the HeERO solution and to widen the acceptance of eCall."To support this objective there are three aims:(1) to prepare the necessary infrastructure to realize interoperability of "eCall" at European level, (2) to boost Member States investment in the PSAP infrastructure and interoperability of the service within the roadmap (end of 2014), (3) to encourage a wider adoption across more Member States.HeERO2 will prepare, carry-out and coordinate pre-deployment pilots for the Pan-European eCall based on 112. This will be undertaken at a European level in accordance with the approved standards. Six countries will participate in the pilot extension: Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Luxemburg, Spain, and Turkey along with three additional associated Member States: Hungary, Slovenia and Ireland. The HeERO2 partners will benefit from the experience of the HeERO1 pilots, and thus be able to jump start their deployment of eCall.A set of additional issues will be investigated: (a) To examine continuity of eCall service with coordinated actions for interoperability across all pilot sites, examine cross border issues to ensure continuity of service and combined use of the four available positioning systems (b) To examine the issue of certification of the eCall chain, which will include the periodic test inspection of vehicles (c) To continue to refine and test European eCall standards along with relevant infrastructure upgrades (d) To continue to evaluate the full eCall value-chain and continue to explore value added services, either public or commercial (e) To extend eCall by defining, the operational and functional requirements for additional eCall devices for Powered Two Wheel vehicles and Heavy Goods Vehicles and the carriage of dangerous goods.


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