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Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The purpose of our project was primarily a change in the perception of our organization. Because the actions of scouts and all young people are treated with indulgence, one thing is the declaration at the national level, or empty praise, the other are decisions on any administration level. Experience so far indicated that if anyone had contact with efficiently operating unit at a high level it has a good opinion about the whole scout movement, so we decided that there is a valuable content to promote, since those who work well are appreciated. At the same time noticed the lack of research about scouting, decision-makers working with scouting or as part of youth policy must always be guided rather common-sense knowledge of several people than on a solid diagnosis of the situation. The aims of the project were: a. To provide decision-makers with expertise on the activities of scouting b. Influence on decision-makers and their attitude to youth organizations c. To encourage young people to act on their own behalf and show possible roads, and that the representatives can be reached. The project was implemented by the Mazovian District of the Scouting Association of the Republic od Polandf it was attended by 127 members of the scouts organizations aged 18-30, and 23 decision-makers from across the region of Mazovia. The project began with a social studies in selected groups of respondents: i. Among the scout instructors, the aim was to identify the most common problems in dealing with representatives of authorities ii. Among the local governments at various levels - to learn their ideas about scouting and expectations of youth organizations Based on results of several youth groups prepared one of the selected topics to "overwork". Members of these groups underwent training in "how government operates," how to implement social research as well as the presentation of results for adult participants. The culmination of the project was the meeting of 11.03.2016 in Warsaw, to which we invited representatives of the local government of Mazovia, and a deputy to the Sejm (lower chamber of polish parliament) dealing with issues of youth. The project gave the organization the expertise and research results concerning its area of ​​operation and collaboration with other stakeholders, this knowledge and experience will be used to modify the internal instructor courses in the organization, starting with the holiday 2016 years. Implementation of the project allowed us to gain experience in organizing such projects. Thanks to a well drawn up for the meeting organization has gained allies by the public administration in the activities of the youth. The project participants developed its core competence in the areas covered by the project as well as the ability to conduct analytical evidence-based policy.