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Happy tree friends
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 mars 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

How to make the tree happy? That was the main question of the project. In order to answer this we shared the information how to plant a tree, how to care about it or how to protect it. Practicaly and interactively. We know thar every single tree is important! Happy tree friends was an international training course dedicated to a protection and care about the trees. The project was organized to share the knowledge and experience inbetween organisations who are working in field of ecology and nature protection and those interested in the topic. Through this training we developed the practice of the environmental education for youth, non-fomal methods of environmental education and at the same time added value of practical experience. During the training course we used interactive methods, it was full of discussions, lectures and especially practical workshops about arboricultural and dendrologic work lead by experienced lecturers Dominik Grohmann and Tamara Faberova. One of the most interesting moment was sharing of legislative information about trees and woody plants in different countries so participant could get informed how it’s possible to protect the trees which doesn’t grow in the forest. Training was designed not only for youth workers with need to develop their competences in field of environmental education, but also for young people who would like to be active in field of nature protection. After this course the participants are now able to use those information later in their home countries for example as comments on law or while protecting their favourite tree! In the programme there was also space for sharing of good practice in field of nature protection.



8 Participants partenaires