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Date du début: 1 janv. 2015, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Project „HAPPY SHINNY PEOPLE“ of The Blessed J. Matulaitis social centre in Vilnius is orientated towards poverty and social exclusions groups – children and teenagers from the risk families, those have behavioral problems, learning difficulties and towards people with mental disability, his needs of employment and relationships, family and community. So the aim of project is to organise activities for the target groups with the aim to improve their social, communication, household skills which will allow them to feel the equivalent existence in the community. The project will run for 10 months – from the January of 2015 till the October of 2015. Into its implementation will participate the workers of Blessed J. Matulaitis social centre, trainees and volunteers from Lithuania and 5 EVS volunteers from France, Romania, Italy, Turkey and Spain. Therefore, the project will focus on activities which will reveal such topics as human freedom, respect for staying close to that and the other, a man of tolerance and openness. Volunteers, depending on the selected target group of project will participate in all activities of the day care centres – they will help disabled people to make lunch, to shop in the store, for the children and youngsters will organise their activities and leisure, with children will participate in a events in city centre, will help to organise the summer camps, will participate in staff team meetings. Also volunteers will be invited to participate into non-routine activities of the project – cultural events in the city, by church and parish organised events and celebrations, trips, road trips, summer camps. So the main methods of the project will be - group work, individual counseling, practical skills workshops, discussions, workshops, non-formal education methods (reflection, various activities, games, etc.). International volunteers are very important part of our organization. They with help of workers will also deliver a presentation about the experience of volunteering to university or school students.



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