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Happiness in Lifelong Learning
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The overriding objectives in this two-year Erasmus+ "Happiness in Lifelong Learning" project is that the students` get experience of success in their future learning and that students will continue in the educational system. The students` active participation will promote and create the basis to bring "happy learning" into their life and the classroom. Children's Parliament has a significant position in this project, because they are also working with topics of the well-beeing and happiness in laearning. We expect that the idea behind the Children`s Parliament will give inspiration and share knowledge and experience about how to create motivating teaching and learning. And we expect that relations across the borders will promote future mutual visits, study tours, and maybe even inspire to education abroad in the European Community. We want to find out why and how happiness is important in the learning invironment and the well-beeing of the students and use the results of this project for future learning and teaching in the schools. We want to provide a breeding ground for a learning and teaching environment based on "happiness" i.e. an innovative, creative, inspiring and motivating environment for students and teachers that will generate a successful learning outcome and also keep students from dropping out of the educational system in the long term future. The project partners will be primary and secondary schools from seven European countries: Denmark, Slovenia, Germany, Turkey, UK, Greece, and Portugal. Some of the partners have participated in other Comenius projects and others have not. The whole project is based on a close relationship between the partners. We want to make activities in the project that have a starting point in the "happy" way of learning in "Lifelong Learning". The activities will have a positive approach both to life and to learning. Sharing happiness and learning about happiness in other cultures will give students a wider perspective in life and in school. At all mobilities there will be a workshop that will either start or finish one of the subprojects of the overriding project. The subprojects and activities that are focusing on children`s rights are: - Children`s rights and say - Children`s Parliament - Happy Birthday - celebrating the UNICEF (UN) Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) focusing on children`s right to having an education - What makes students, parents, teachers and management "happy" at school? Annex 2 The subprojects and activities that are focusing on the methodology: - A happy story - Creating a logo of "happiness" - A "happy" song - Happy birthday - how do we celebrate birthdays? Annex 2 The subprojects and activities that are focusing on dissemination of experience among partner schools: - In mobilities partner schools present what they have worked with between mobilities - Each country`s mascot will travel to the other countries and tell happy stories about happiness in different contexts Annex 4 We will make interviews, questionnaires, observations, and tests to evaluate the impact of our activities. We want to promote student`s social inclusion and "happiness" in their school-life, as well as in their lives outside school as in their future education. We want to establish a teaching environment that will prevent students from dropping out from school early. We will make a "Curriculum for Happiness in Lifelong Learning" to be disseminated widely: locally by the community and the local media, nationally via school-websites, and internationally via ECTS. An open facebook group could be a window from which to disseminate our experience worldwide. At each school there will be a Erasmus+ corner and a Children's Parliament wall, where all information about the project and all work of the project will be presented througout the hole period of the project.



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