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Hands Up for Europeers
Date du début: 1 août 2016, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

EuroPeers is a network of young people who have been involved in Erasmus+ (EVS and other) projects. They act as ambassadors for Erasmus+ by organising information workshops (mainly in schools) and attending education fairs and other public events. They bring information to life by talking about their own experience in Europe and why this has helped them. Originally established in Germany, EuroPeers is now expanding to a number of other countries. Our project "Hands Up for EuroPeers" aims to support and expand this process, starting from the UK where Momentum World is leading this initiative.The original and ongoing aims of the EuroPeers are:• To raise awareness of European issues and activities among young people• To make their peers aware of the importance of social commitment• To share experiences of Europe and being European citizens• To show how cultural diversity can be brought to life• To encourage young people to reflect critically on EU policy• To demonstrate courage, tolerance and entrepreneurial spiritThe project is important because of the current debates about the future of the EU and the limits of mobility - particularly in the UK with the forthcoming referendum. Although EuroPeers (and this project) is not political, we do see it as a means of encouraging a better quality of informed debate among young people, and of emphasising the youth dimension within the generaI public discourse on Europe.It is also highly relevant to the needs of young people: for those who have completed EVS or other projects, it provides valuable follow-up experience and a means of further transversal (employability) skills development; and it also provides accessible information to other young people and multipliers (teachers, youth workers, parents) who may not know about the opportunities Erasmus+ can offer.Our project thus has 4 aims:1. To promote Erasmus+ opportunities to more young people and potential beneficiaries in the participating countries2. To support the development of the UK network, and encourage and promote similar current or prospective initiatives in other countries3. To build shared strategies and share best practice for networking between partner organisations and directly between young people involved in EuroPeers or similar networks.4. To empower young people as active citizens at the heart of European discourse.The project will consist of 3 activities based in the UK and Germany: training / study visit for project managers; training of trainers; and training of youth leaders for EuroPeers. There will be a total of 80 participants including professional project managers, trainers and young people aged 18-21. Many more will be reached in each country during the follow-up activities. 11 countries are involved in this project, namely Bulgaria, Croatia, Germany, Italy, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey and the UK.Overall, the results of the project will be:1. A fully established and high profile Europeers network in the UK.2. Through this network, an effective mechanism for the UK NA to promote Erasmus+ to young people and multipliers (teachers, youth workers etc).3. Similar emerging networks in other partner countries new to EuroPeers4. Strengthened international links between networks in all participating countries5. Increased awareness and understanding of the EU and Erasmus+ among young people, educators and the general public.The youth networks developed in the UK and elsewhere will have the objective of being long term sustainable initiatives,, leading to further Erasmus+ projects.



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