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Hamburgs Forschungsnacht der Mobilität (Hamburg FUture TRAnsport Night 2013) (FUTRA2013)
Date du début: 1 mai 2013, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2013 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"After successful Researchers´Nights in the last 4 years Hamburg will in 2013 focus on a new topic tackling transport research and innovation for Europe´s future mobility. TuTech together with two regionally important cluster agencies Logistics Initiative Hamburg and Hamburg Aviation plan to organise Researchers’Night under the heading “Future Transport Night” (FUTRA 2013). In a city where trade has played such an important role in its development and historical success, the issue of transportation and mobility is close to the hearts of the citizens. Thus, the topic fits well to the profile of the Hanseatic City of Hamburg and will enhance the recognition of researchers and their contribution to society. The edutaining event will be held 27 September 2013 and show-case research projects to enhance the public understanding of science being carried out locally in this global hub for trade and transport. FUTRA 2013 will see hundreds of scientists presenting their research in logistics, maritime transport and aviation and perhaps even explore alternative modes of transport. FUTRA 2013 will bring researchers and the general public together to interact around this topic. With an entertaining science and art festival FUTRA 2013 will be filled with science-inspired installations, interactive exhibitions of research institutions and scientists, music and a live science show in order to present the economic impact and especially the work and life of researchers to the audience on an emotional basis during the night. The new focus on future mobility is best transformed in one of the world´s most prominent inner-city waterfront development projects, the HafenCity with its new metro-line U4 and the new cruise ship terminal which can be used as basis to show how research has played a role in solving the challenges of their realisation. The main activity will take place in the Maritime Museum and the new headquarter of Kühne Logistics University."



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