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Habitat -The Simbolic Alternative
Date du début: 2 févr. 2016, Date de fin: 1 févr. 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Habitat - The Symbolic Alternative (TSA) wants to shape the concept of Intergenerational Non-Formal Education as an alternative pedagogy for social inclusion for young people with fewer opportunities. On one side, we will use Groupl Symbology as a reference and non-formal participatory methodology to create and develop alternative educational solutions for the integration and promotion of psychosocial development processes among young victims of bullying, with repeated withholdings due to situations of school failure and from broken families (single parent families, single parents and fragile socio-economic condition). Another common aspect among all the young people we intend to involve in this project, and this explains the choice of Intergenerational Non-Formal Education, is the gradual shut down from affection, family and human ties with the elderly / seniors were part of their day-to-day or community life, especially his or hers immediate family members such as grandparents or great-uncles. Therefore, other of the central objective of Habitat - TSA is to promote intergenerational social cohesion in regions where the project will be implemented through the teaching strategies we refered.Another of the starting points of the Habitat - TSA is bullying phenomenon by which most of the young people involved in the project passed. This phenomenon of verbal and physical harassment has serious consequences for the lives and the mental health of these young people. It has been proven that this phenomenon affects the academic achievement of students, and that is the source of inter- and intrapersonal conflicts capable damagingn the self-esteem of young people, compromising their ability to learn and contamination of the school environment should be a safe and conducive to the healthy growth space.Education systems have created various mechanisms to respond in terms of formal level education. But these solutions give answer to just one consequence of this aggressive phenomenon. There is no unified emotional and psychosocial pedagogical answer to these young people, and teachers do not always have the training or tools, or both, to deal with this situation.Hence the arise of The Symbolic Alternative (TSA) as a further contribution to help solve this problem. Another big goal, and the starting point, of the Habitat - TSA is to promote the emancipation of young people involved through a model of Symbolic Pedagogy based on Group Symbology method.We will promote Intergenerational Non Formal Education as intergenerational social cohesion factor through the creation of Habitat spaces where young people themselves will be the facilitators of the learning process and combat bullying phenomenon by creating a network of secondary student associations (Professional / Vocational) at European level as a measure of accountability of students in finding solutions process. In this way we also want to strengthen the active role of the associative movement that has been dormant over the past decades and can be a new party and a relevant social actor in the reflection for the definition of educational and youth policies.Looking like two completely opposing the areas we want to address in this project, we believe that complementarity between both areas will be a powerful weapon in the process of inclusion and empowerment of young people with fewer opportunities to whom the project is addressed.



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