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Haanja - Road to Future (HRF)

Main activity of the project for achieving the objectives is to build the bitumen-gravel dust-free pavement for Luutsniku-Ruusma and Ruusma­Kuklase roads. Project target groups are residents of Haanja Rural Municipality andSouth-East Estonia;South-East Estonia regions enterprisers (especially in tourism sector); residents of Latvian neighboring municipalities sportsmen and tourists. Project main output is high-quality roads in Haanja municipality. As a result the usage of the reconstructed roads doubles local people have the possibility to use high-quality roads for traffic which creates major preconditions for cross-border communication and participating on cultural events. There is established high-quality infrastructure for enterprisers and tourists. As a result of the project long-period impact decline in residents of Haanja municipality has stopped business activity and employment rate have raised organizing Haanja and Veclaitsene municipality joint cultural and sport events have intensified usage of Haanja sport facilities by Latvians have increased majority of Haanja residents participate in municipality?s cultural activities and tourists crossing Murati border will visit Haanja.



  • 75%   172 416,75
  • 2000 - 2006 Estonia - Latvia - Russia (EE-LV-RU)
  • Projet sur KEEP platform
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