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H.A.Y.P v2
Date du début: 7 août 2015, Date de fin: 6 déc. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Happy Active Youth Project V.2 is dedicated for young people (13-18 y.) It aims on two ellements: 1. a Cultural enrichment (developing the cooperation between two communities in the EU especially for young people but also via host families. ) We try to promote the connection of youth between two countries (Belgium - Lithuania) Two countries in the EU who are not so ‘well know’ by each other because of reasons of big distance and historical events who made this almost impossible) It is also an exchange of knowledge in the field of youth in order to increase their own activity. 2. try to convince young people of the importance of a healthy way of living. (theoretical knowledge of health and physical activities, possibilities.) Also discovering enjoyable activities that do not require a high level of professionalism. Sport is introduced not as a difficult job, but we try to 're-promoting’ it as a fun activity. Other mean objectives are: 1. to achieve the objective of the project by forming an international team 2. to provide participants with the knowledge and skills to properly educate themselves actively using experimental methods. 3. to develop recommendations / plans between the same aged people and promoting healthy and physically active lifestyle for family members. Discussions, presentations, debates (all mostly organized by the participants themselves) will take place through the prism of two different cultures: how a healthy and active life style is taught in families, at schools and in the community. What is more encouraged : competition/recreation. What are the dangers for young people (inactive way of living, alcohol, drugs, …) All the activities will be a challenge to young people themselves to grow spiritually, physically, mentally. Focusing not only on the debate, but also on the involvement of the changes. The project will take place in 3 stages: 1. the first days (weekend) the participants will be accommodated in families. Mostly the families of the Belgian participants. This will allow for the foreign youth to get know other cultures, traditions and customs. These activities seek and draw the attention of the participants to observe the other party family promotion of healthy and active living and to see the differences and the similarities. That would be an introduction for the participants to the follow-up to find solutions to the ‘healthy’ problems of the established goals. 2. Second fase: 5 weekdays (10-14/08). Living and working together in groups for searching and considering the problems and causes and try to find solutions to solve them. Preliminary activities will be provided, but the participants will be able to maximize the results of them by influencing the general debate by expressing their views. Finally this project will allow young people to try out a variety of (non)-traditional sports activities, to debate and contribute in seeking solutions of the passive lifestyle. 3. The last day we will take time for an evaluation (poll’s final debates, presentations…) the results and conclusions will be exchanged among both countries and other stakeholders. All participants will get a youthpass. We hope that this project will strengthen en developing the cooperation and collaboration especially among young people… Maybe the best way to become an equalminded Europe of tommorrow is to create it by the young people today!



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