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H.A.N.D.S. Helping autonomy network and development in society
Date du début: 18 mai 2016, Date de fin: 17 janv. 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project aims to promote a culture of inclusion and active participation among young people and to offer people with different forms of disabilities and young people with fewer opportunities to meet different opportunities, inclusion and integration in their local community, through the contribution of 6 volunteers from Romania, Estonia, Croatia and Spain.Volunteers will benefit from this intercultural experience in personal and social level and will have the opportunity to contribute to the development of local communities of Bassano del Grappa, Schio and Malo (north-east Italy), strengthening social cohesion.The main objectives of the project are:- Raise awareness among young people on the issues of inclusion, diversity and disability;- Promote the active participation of young people with fewer opportunities;- Promote a culture of respect, solidarity and tolerance among young people and the local community in general;- Promoting voluntary service by creating opportunities for young people;- Encourage free expression greater AUTONOMY of persons with disabilities, using art, music, sports, theater ... outside the context of conventional care;- Develop creative and recreational activities, create networking opportunities among young people with disabilities and the local community, working with schools and community groups, enabling a network of local organizations more sensitive to the social point of view of European citizenship;- Combat prejudice related to disability and to strengthen social cohesion; prevents isolation contributing to a NOW MORE EQUITABLE DEVELOPMENT.The volunteers, through a participatory approach and non-formal education, will organize various activities TO SUPPORT people with disabilities and children, young people, according to their skills and interests in a process of increasing autonomy and confidence.The length of service is 10 months and the volunteers will begin and conclude the service together to ensure a peer support (educational and social) and a greater impact on a personal level and local level.Progetto Zattera Blu, coordinating organization, will work with Casa a colori, Comunità servizi, L’Orsa Maggiore, receving organizations and sending organizations in all stages of the project (preparation, implementation, evaluation and follow-up) and will facilitate communication between all promoters; also it ensures a constant support personal, social, intercultural education to all the volunteers through weekly meetings.The volunteer will benefit from specific training sessions and group and learn through on the job training in order to become more independent and to propose initiatives to the recipients of the project, becoming a fixture on the local community.Local communities will be sensitized to the issue of social inclusion and through activities initiated by each host organization is through the implementation of an event for social inclusion in which volunteers will be engaged sve together.The title of the project HELP wants to be understood as a process of fostering autonomy, where volunteers do not replace people with discomfort when coming into contact with, but you will build through a sharing of experience taking greater awareness of their autonomy personal experiences and at the same time develop the territory aimed at creating a society less judgmental and more open to welcome all forms of diversity.



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