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Gyártástervezési, gyártásirányítási ismeretek elmélyítése, gyártási folyamatok modellezése
Date du début: 1 juil. 2015, Date de fin: 30 juin 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Budapest Center of Engineering Training, Eötvös Loránd Secondary Technical and Vocational School is situated in the 20th district in Budapest. Our institution belongs to the Central Hungary Region. It has two main profiles: mechanical engineering and information technology. Our school as a sending organisation applied for a project called:” Developing knowledge in the fields of planning and managing production, modeling technological processes”. In this project 14 technician (13th graders) students are involved. After taking the final exam they learn to become production system technicians. This profession includes developing, planning, managing and controlling the process of production. Since several work places, firms and factories in our region employ our technicians we would like to educate and train students who possess useful theoretical knowledge and practical skills. We apply for this project to make the students build a complex production process from the beginning to the end. The process includes the following: checking materials, planning the process, then modeling the process of production, it is followed by the production itself and measuring the products. The last phase would be the assembly of the units. The goal of the project is to enable students to plan, manage or modify any phase of process of the production on their own. With the knowledge and skills they acquire during the traineeship they are more valuable in the job market, they find job easily. At the end of the traineeship they can implement manual and mechanical cutting technics used during the process of production, they can program CNC machines. They also possess global knowledge of different types of CNC controls and their programming. The receiving organisation called Zespół Szkół Mechanicznych Nr 3 is a great secondary school in Krakow. It includes secondary school, vocational school, grammar school and they train technician as well. Their profile is similar to ours.We have already been to their school, because last year they received our students. We had an opportunity to see the conditions of the workshops in the host school where our students can go during the first week, and in their Practical Centre where our students can go during the second and the third week of the traineeship. The equipments and knowledge they possess meet our occupational needs. The Practical Centre prepares the students of the host school for the practical part of their examination, so it is well equipped, the conditions are optimal for us. During the traineeship our students have to write a workbook everyday and a summary about the experiences, what they have learnt that day. The teachers check and sign their written work every day, as well as evaluate the students’ tasks. At the end of the traineeship the sending and the receiving organisations issue a Europass mobility certificate. The sending organisation recognizes the three-week project as the obligatory traineeship which is essential to take the examination at the end of the academic year. The marks received during the traineeship are also recognized by the sending organisation and reckoned in their study in Hungary. During the traineeship the students become open to the new and unknown, regarding profession, culture or in the field of human relations.

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