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Gyakorlati ismeretek fejlesztése fotográfus és ötvös szakmákban Németországban és Spanyolországban
Date du début: 1 juil. 2015, Date de fin: 30 juin 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The target of the project was that participating student not only could use their learnt knowledge about their profession in the hosting institutes and training places but also could improve it. Furthermore, our other aim was to provide the possibility for our teachers and students to get to know new technologies and approaches. In 2010, for the first time Budapesti Kézművesipari Szakképző Iskola(Budapest Handcraft Vocational School) could send students abroad with Leonardo mobility program. We maintain good relations with our two hosting institutes the "BSZ Alois Senefelder Städtische Berufschule für Fotografie und Drucktechnik" and the "Städtische Berufschule für Bau- und Kunsthandwerk" since then. Jelen projektben ez utóbbi iskola nem vett részt, diákjainkat a Kalman Hafner GmbH foglalkoztatta. Unfortunatelly the Städtische Berufschule für Bau- und Kunsthandwerk could not host our students, but the Kalman Hafner GmbH wwas able to host them. In this project we sent 14 students and 1 goldsmith teachers-representing photographers and dealers of photographic products and goldsmiths. Students was between 18 and 24 years old, they have been studying their chosen professions for two years. Participating students and colleague (2-6-6-1 persons) stayed in the hosting institutes and in the training places , and companies (organised by the hosting institute) . The participants could widen their professional knowledge. For example our photographer students practiced how to show city and culture through a specific point. While goldsmith students could try to bring to perfection the already learnt planning and manufacturing techniques. Students from both group could learn new pieces of information, and new approaches such as setting techniques, using supplementary work, making advertisement photography under the leadership of Károly Pum the internationally known photographer form Munich, as well as preparatory and editing methods of typography. Students of goldsmith could get to know the latest methods, tools and trends of decoration. Besides widening their professional knowledge, naturally, participants improved their knowledge of a foreign language. In addition to these advantages they could get to know German, more precisely Bavarian and Spain culture, and could get acquainted with local people and youngsters. Students in their own home institutes after being selected was to have lessons on language, their vocation, culture and on mental health. As a part of preparation the students of the Hungarian school took part in organizing and executing programmes of the German students from the hosting school. In this way our students got to know the students of the hosting institutes before they even started their scholarship in Germany. During the three-week and two-month long training students took part in a premade and harmonized programme, which is followed by the hosting and the Hungarian coordinator’s attention. The experience students gain were to be written in their portfolios. Using their portfolios students - after their homecoming- wrote a report illustrated with photos. Later on they give a presentation on this. Their experiences were also told in events and in the media. The participating students got a certificate stating all the courses students took part in. Hopefully it will be used here in Hungary or abroad when looking for a job.


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