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Guidelines for cooperation of Latin American countries in European aeronautics and air transport research (CoopAIR-LA)
Date du début: 1 avr. 2009, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2010 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

CoopAIR is an ambitious and innovative action supporting Latin American (LA) cooperation. It aims at deepening strategic RTD cooperation between Europe and LA by building, starting from what already exist a multinational and multistakeholder community that will involve a significant representation of the relevant RTD European and LA actors (researchers, companies, policy makers, users) and by identifying common needs, research issues and opportunities for cooperative RTD. The project will: 1. Build the observation, analysis and forecasting capacity required to identify key R&D issues on which to focus EU-LA cooperation, and key actors that will be involved in EU-LA collaboration in the field. 2. Analyze the barriers and troubles found by the potential LA partners when trying to participate at EU R&D programmes, as well as the difficulties encountered while taking part at any project. 3. Considering the findings on what are the main obstacles, establish effective mechanisms to enhance the participation of the LA partners. 4. Guarantying that information on European R&D is promoted to a large number of research, policy and practice actors in LA, therefore also facilitating dialogue among them. 5. Organize several conferences and divers workshops in LA and Europe and a final Conference in EU to bolster networking opportunities. CoopAIR will build on two EU supported successful support and networking projects targeted to LA (ABEST, UEMEXCyT, whose coordinators are part of the CoopAIR consortium). CoopAIR will also coordinate its activities with the FP6 project B.BICE and the INCONET-EULARINET.



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