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GUIDANCE II - Disseminating Good Practice in Guiding Apprentices with Difficulties

Building upon previous development activity, the GUIDANCE II project will work with 18 partners (to include three new partner countries), to further adapt and disseminate Internet-based tools and documentation to assist teachers and trainers in their guidance role with those at risk of abandoning vocational training. Whilst the dilemmas faced by teachers and trainers with de-motivated students are common, the project offers practical, accessible means of empowering these professionals to diagnose individual situations and thus provide appropriate guidance or referral.The project will stimulate partner organisations to promote use of a previously developed log-book of 'drop-out' cases and accompanying guide and will further discuss its value on a thematic basis. The project will then merge the log-book and user guide into a single web-accessible application for independent use by teachers and trainers; will update the website with downloadable documents and on-line assistance and will publish case studies in four additional languages.Thematic discussion groups initiated by partners within the same language community will reach out to different actors in vocational training including providers of training and apprenticeships, those responsible for labour market integration initiatives and national training institutions including those responsible for the training of trainers. A final event in Strasbourg will bring project outcomes to the attention of policy makers.


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