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Guidance and employment agency in the field of arts and design 
Date du début: 28 févr. 2003, Date de fin: 30 juil. 2004 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project, initially of an experimental nature, intends to define a connection mechanism between the school and labour systems in the sector of graphics and design, with the aim of extending the initiative further in the same sector. The project aims therefore at offering youth a tool for cultural and work exchange that enables them to identify opportunities and main contacts, thus favouring a permanent relation between arts, graphics and design schools and the labour market. It also aims at encouraging and developing the arts and design sector in the light of its appeal to the young, thus contributing to creating a connection between the two border areas for a shared management of the labour market in this sector. In order to implement the project a technical team was set up to collect technical data from the schools and companies in the sector of arts and design located in the project area. Then, the data collected was analysed and short internships in the companies were organised for the students - both Italian and Slovenian - coming from some of schools participating in the project. At the end of the study a seminar was held to present project results.



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