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Guarantee Organizations Network (GO Network)
Date du début: 31 oct. 2003, Date de fin: 29 nov. 2006 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project is aimed at providing an overview of existing experiences with credit guarantee in the East European, identifying the current policy issues of credit guarantee development in East European and recommending how the Government can address specific actions in order to create a more enabling environment. In this context, the project aims to create a pilot project, intended as a form of technical assistance to the creation of a specific guarantee system or to the implementation of an already existing guarantee scheme. This project will enable development of new opportunities of investment in the CADSES countries, thanks to innovative tools such as: new financial services, innovative activities aimed at creating new business opportunities, helping to introduce counter-guarantee instruments (by the European Investment Fund) and to promote the development of national co-guarantee instruments. GO Network actions are intended to improve enterprises access to financial and banking services and the search for innovative financial instruments to support SMEs. Achievements: Go Network achieved the following results: - The "SME Guarantee Facility”, operated by the European Investment Fund (EIF), has been extended even to the accession countries in the context of the Multi-Annual Programme for Enterprise and Entrepreneurship 2001-2005 (MAP). Considering MAP enlargement also to the accession countries, the present project, in accordance with the EIF, will work on the creation of a favourable environment so that the guarantee organizations can enjoy these benefits. - Definition of a system architecture for storing and managing the information of the enterprises assisted by each technical partner, which means the creation of a technological platform as a common language in the credit organisation tools which collects SMEs information in the same way as in the Europe - Creation of common standards and operative methodologies among different credit guarantee schemes in order to foster cooperation among SMEs and promote their development and internationalisation. - To set up a pilot project as a repeatable demonstration project, intended to launch a process of development and integration which allows for the widening and strengthening of the network.



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