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Growing with theatre Act 2
Date du début: 11 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 10 juin 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Kvartersteaterns project “Growing with theatre Act 2” will take place in Sundsvall Sweden. The project is for one volunteer and the sending organization is ICPI from Tbilisi Georgia. Tasks and goal: Tha main task for the volunteer is to learn Kvartersteaterns method to use theater as a tool to make people grow as induviduals in collective work process. The volunteer will work as a director assistant in a teenage theatre group (we have eight) and they will produce a play who will be performed at “Yong theater festival” who have ten years anniversaryThe moust important part, is the process of work, not the play it self. The process is the learning part for the yongsters and of course for the volunteer. Our ideas of learning is that learning must be fun and we work a lot humor and laughter even if it´s a hard and serious work. The volunteer will have opportunity to participate as an actor in our audult group who are going to play in the spring. Right now we don´t title of the play. The volunteer will take part part of the work to plan and carrie out the "teenage festival" which will be a little special next year because of the anniversary. The moust important goal for the volunteer is to learn how to use the tool theatre and work with her own leader ship together with our other leaders and of course youngsters. If the voluteer will do her own project we will support it for sure. This knowledge will be useful for the volunteer in her/his life after the project. We are also working hard to teach our youngsters about democracy. To learn that they have one vote like averyone else when we have election for the board in the theatre and also that they can have influences of the activities in the theatre and participate in the meetings for members.



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