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Growing up with Europe
Date du début: 1 janv. 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project focuses on three themes: social inclusion, active citizenship, communication. With the realization of the project will give the opportunity for young participants to discover new cultures, develop language skills, to move in environments other than the usual ones, thus ensuring significant personal growth through the development of values such as solidarity, friendship, democracy and learning languages and mode of action different from the usual ones. It will be an enrichment for the host organizations that will benefit from all the advantages that come from contact with young people from different cultures; enthusiasm, methods of approach with clients etc. disadvantage. The volunteers will be participating in all 10 Five participate in the project in the first six months of the beginning, instead of the other 5 will participate in the last six months of activity. The selection process will take into consideration several factors: motivation to volunteer experience European interest in the activities planned in the project, the ability to work in groups. We prefer applicants from socio-economic or cultural complex. The activities that take place each volunteer, will be divided into three broad areas: social inclusion, in which the volunteers will follow the activities in the field of youth unemployment, of 'early school leavers, young asylum seekers, refugee children; European citizenship in which mainly follow the international campaign on active citizenship managed by SCI; communication in which the volunteers will carry out the daily activities of the host organization, eg. International Secretariat, preparation of work programs for young people with fewer opportunities. Upon arrival of the volunteers mentor held individual interviews in order to define a learning path in line with the profile, needs and motivations of the same. During the first week will be established a training program with individual learning objectives, based on the interest expressed by the volunteers, trying to promote their creative potential. During the course of the project the volunteers will meet weekly mentor to verify the acquisition of skills by themselves and possibly reformulate the training program based on their own motivations. The volunteers will be joined daily by the head of the various activities that will be in contact with the mentor and the coordinator of the project. The mentor, in collaboration with the project coordinator will be responsible for supporting the volunteer individually and insert it into the project by explaining the objectives and activities to be carried out and presenting the team working on an all attività.Verrà asked volunteers to draw up a logbook in free form with the aim of gathering their thoughts and make them aware of the value and the meaning of the experiences they are experiencing. The project will have a significant impact on the volunteers, organizations and local communities involved. Volunteers certainly benefit from a significant human growth and increased competence for use in the context of the labor market, organizations will have to learn from the young volunteers, being in contact with them, starting with enthusiasm, but also on the ability of relate to the user and to experiment with new problem solving skills. Volunteers will also be continually involved in initiatives, public events, workshops, which will have the effect of increasing the sense of belonging to the local community and the European part of the volunteers and the European community. The project also has the ambition to have effects in the long run as it will be produced and disseminated on the websites of the participating organizations, computer equipment, paper and audiovisual in which volunteers from the protagonists talk about their experience of volunteering in Europe.



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