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Growing Tree
Date du début: 1 juin 2016, Date de fin: 28 févr. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The international training course for the Erasmus+ and volunteers coordinators Growing Tree will take place in the Czech Republic in the ecological centre DOTEK in Krkonoše mountains. 24 coordinators from 8 countries (Czech Republic, Georgia, Bulgaria, Romania, Italy, Moldova, Estonia, Macedonia) will learn and work together from July 14th to July 21st 2016.The project is reacting on needs of youth workers/youth leaders in organizations working on international and local level to increase quality of recruitment strategy and long term cooperation with young people on local level.The project aims to increase competences of coordinators of volunteers and Erasmus+ projects who are responsible for participants selection, evaluation of their learning and involvement of youth leaders and equip them with specific tools in order to reach wider spectrum of youngsters, encourage them to foster their involvement in their projects and activities on local and international level for enhanced cooperation. We follow set of objectives as:To provide Erasmus+ and volunteers coordinators with tools and theoretical background about youth empowerment and participation in order to ensure strong multiplier effect of the training course.To equip the Erasmus+ and volunteers coordinators with competences to conduct need analysis in their local communities and among their target groups, in order to be more need-oriented while working with youngsters. To exchange the successful practices and the most common mistakes among the partner organizations of Erasmus+ program in order to get to know the various approaches towards working with young people on local levelTo plan a change and develop a support system within the organizations that would enable the young people sent by the organization to international projects to transfer gained knowledge, skills and attitudes to local level through dissemination strategy and peer to peer learning, with the support of the coordinators. To reinforce the network and cooperation among the partner organizations who care about the multiplier effect of their Erasmus+ projects, continue working on the same topic of youth empowerment in future and support each other.Participants will be leading by experienced trainers step by step to analyses their actual situation in organization and to evaluate this analise. They will share their good and bad practices and working on long term strategy of changing and developing processes inside their local organization. The result will be set of theoretical and practical competences how to applied this new process in organization, how to reach wider spectrum of young people in local community(this content also need analysis and evaluation and implementation of needed activities) and how to work with this young people through activities this organization in long term cooperation through specific methods of motivating, and working with volunteers.The part of dissemination will be also model of ideal processes inside of org. And competence profile of youth worker/ youth leader which will be spread between organizations on national and international level. The processes inside of organization will be established, what will help them to react on needs of local community more flexible and this will increase quality of involving young people into activities of organization. The higher quality of work with young people/ volunteers will create organization space for health grow.



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