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Growing together!
Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

8 youngsters were invited to participate in EVS project "Growing together!”. This project will be held in Lithuania and volunteers from Germany, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Ukraine and Greece were invited. The goal of this project is to create environment for young people involving the ones who have fewer opportunities, to discover themselves, to learn from their own experience while supporting and helping others in international environment. This project will be held in Vilnius and Vievis cities. 8 volunteers will come to six organizations that work in the social and culture field. The duration of their volunteering service will be from 2 to 11 months. Volunteers will learn not just special skills that are needed in the social and culture field and will know Lithuanian and other cultures by experiencing them, moreover they will learn Lithuanian language and will use it in their everyday life. EVS project will be held in organization of people with disabilities, in animal shelter, children day care center, school, in culture center and in retirement homes. EVS volunteers will be involved in everyday activities of hosting organizations. They will learn the essential skills of non-formal education and teamwork. Volunteers will gain creativity skills and they will develop their social competencies, personal and professional skills, moreover they will discover their new abilities and likes. These skills and competencies will help them to choose their future paths in their education career and personal life. Living together with other volunteers will help them discover different cultures. Facing people, who are different from you, helps to know their culture better and to be more tolerant. Volunteers not only will discover Lithuania and its customs and traditions but also will have possibility to share their own culture. Such experience will help them to be more open-minded and get rid of stereotypes. Volunteers will find new foreign friends and become members of Lithuanian communities of their hosting organizations. They will learn how to tolerate and respect different individuals, raise a sense of patience and empathy. This project will help to continue the cooperation between coordinating organization and hosting organizations. Hosting organizations had good experience with EVS volunteers and see such project as an opportunity for volunteers and the members of organization to grow and develop their skills. Organizations are trying their best to make volunteers feel useful and equal in their EVS projects. They are in charge of challenges that would help volunteers discover and develop their skills.



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