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Date du début: 31 janv. 2012, Date de fin: 29 juin 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

To accelerate the deployment of Smart Grid in NWE. It focuses is on the provision of information to Regulatory Authorities on technological development. encourages SMEs and communities to develop technological solutions in relation to Smart Grid (SG). Renewable Energy (RE) and Distributive Generation (DG). This project will stimulate SMEs. develop innovation and create employment by developing synergies between SG/RE/DG. Deficits the project will address: (a) Lack of Cohesion in NWE re access to Power Transmission Systems. These technical. security. capacity and policy issues are a legacy of each country having its own PTS. (b) Timelag between development of products and services and their deployment across networks (c) Lack of knowledge in SMEs on benefits/opportunities Smart Grids provide (e) Issues re the neglect of rural transmission networks and the challenge the production of RE in rural areas provides for existing networks. Work transnationally to solve deficits as follows: Develop Dissemination Centres to provide a platform in each partner region to enable SMEs from different regions springboard into the market. The Centres will have a Unique Selling Point (USP) within the Smart Grid environment to ensure sustainability and will act as animator for SME/community sectors to influence policy. Centres to be jointly designed and common design will include an agreed service level and enable knowledge transfer with agreed protocols between each Centre. Develop a tool for SMEs/communities to evaluate optimum DG/SG solutions for them. Agreed by partnership. disseminated throughout partner regions by Dissemination Centres. Voucher system to encourage SMEs to explore potential in SG/RE/DG at low cost: Level 1 (Market Scoping). Level 2 (Market Development – to MoU between transnational partnership). Level 3 (Develop bid by tender using consortia). Supported by Online Platform and Technology Watch events. Achievements: The website for the project is now developed, tested and has gone live. The web address is The GREAT project also has a Twitter account, a Facebook page and a LinkedIn group. These links are live on the project website. The economic tool for energy optimisation in enterprises and collectives is currently in the development stage and will be ready for testing in all of the regions by mid 2014.The first of the voucher schemes for SMEs which will allow them to internationalise and to innovate is commencing mid 2014 in three regions (Údarás na Gaeltachta, Basildon council and Oost NV).



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