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Growing Out - Uma dimensão europeia para a intervenção local em Torres Novas
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

“Growing Out – A European dimension to local intervention in Torres Novas” is a project that aims to qualify municipal professionals according to the major local intervention needs on informal and non-formal education activities. After large national and European investments on local infrastructures (swimming pools, theatre, library, museum, schools, sports arenas), local priority is now the development of activities that maximize their public usufruct. The project proposes learning opportunities that explore new tools and technics already in use in other European contexts, mobilizing local resources to activities available to all population groups. With two years of implementation, project includes participating in 6 structured courses to qualify Torres Novas' municipal professionals with actualized skills concerning digital inclusion, accessibility to citizens with special needs, better resources to mobilize local development process, and connections between local intervention, European priorities and global issues. Participants will be technicians from municipal services with conception, planning and coordinating competences concerning public activities promotion, and they must demonstrate, during the intern selection process, their motivations and activities proposed to carry on with the learning results expected. Those follow up activities must be considered both to develop with other colleagues in the organization and with the different publics of Municipality services. Project will also be the context to a larger public promotion of the European Union function and activities, concerning a parallel inter services activity to be developed by all participants in the structured courses. “Growing out” summarizes the expected and sustainable project impacts among the municipal services and also in the community, offering a better local intervention in Torres Novas and activities that promote closer links to knowledge, practices and tools already in use in other European contexts.