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Grow2Build - Local cultivated hemp and flax as ressource for biobased building materials (Grow2Build)
Date du début: 11 mai 2011, Date de fin: 29 août 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Grow2Build works on the transition of the north west european economy from an oil based economy towards a biobased economy. Specific focus is put on the integration of local sustainable cultivation of resources in this future oriented economy. Grow2Build focuses specific on hemp and flax based building materials: Grow2Build wants to tackle the remaining bottlenecks through the whole product chain (production and supply) of hemp and flax based biobuilding materials as well as in the marketing of those products so that this bio economical business can develop in a sustainable and profitable way within NWE region. The business should be profitable for every stakeholder in the product chain.The challenges are situated at different fronts: there is a need for technical development and product innovation. a lot of work has to be done on partner matching to develop new businesses ánd . very important. still a lot of work has to be done to increase market demand. Policy makers need to be involved. as different policies have significant interferences with the development of these markets. Through its actions. conducted by specialized partners. the project is dealing with all these challenges. Focus is put on hemp and flax. as the NWE region is particular suitable for cultivation of these crops compared to other european regions ánd these crops can fit perfectly in a sustainable primary production system. This way the NWE region can differentiate itself from other regions in its economical development through making use of the strengths of the region. namely the ideal growing circumstances for hemp and flax and the historical expertise available on cultivation and processing of these crops. Achievements: Documents:• Crop fact sheet hemp • Crop fact sheet flax - File Download• 2014 - Protocol variety trial fibre hemp for technical applications • 2014 - Protocol fertilization trial fibre hemp for technical applications • 2013 - Protocol test hemp for technical application • 2013 - Protocol test flax for technical application



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