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GRISI - Geomatic Regional Information Society Initiative (GRISI)
Date du début: 30 juin 2005, Date de fin: 29 juin 2008 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

GRISI aims to provide added value to regional projects being financed by the European Structural Funds. The idea is to use geomatic tools to create Geo-Portals so that they can be displayed on the Internet with interactive maps. There are four regions: Midi-Pyrénées in France, the lead partner together with the Gers Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the government of Navarre in Spain, the Abruzzo Region in Italy and the Latvian government. GRISI eventually wants to become a DG Regio initiative so that it can be extended to all European regions. Overall objective / Objectif général After a call for sub-projects in the four partner regions, four sub-projects will be selected in the areas of e-governance, e-economy, e-territorial appeal and e-cooperation with the new member states of the European Union. The lead partners and participants in these sub-projects will be trained in the use of geomatic tools and will carry out the geo-location of their project. A geomatic service platform will be set up in each partner region. Expected results / Résultats attendus Each sub-project brings together three to five projects already being financed by the Structural Funds. About twenty data bases will be geo-located and four regional geo-portals will be drawn up.A European geo-portal will also be created. The partners will constantly strive to achieve interoperability and technological harmonisation. Guides to good practice in the European regions will be drawn up, published and widely distributed. The results of GRISI will be collated and utilised on a European scale. The work carried out within the GRISI project should allow all European regions to promote their projects financed by the Structural Funds, to discover any complementary features amongst them and to establish new projects for 2007-2013.



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