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Date du début: 1 juil. 2014, Date de fin: 30 juin 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Background ROC Nijmegen provides vocational training in the provinces of Gelderland, Brabant (and Limburg). ROC Nijmegen has about 10,000 students in various sectors (Technology, Healthcare & Welfare, Economics and VAVO and basic education). The core values ​​that we convey in our motto "The school of life" are: join, meet, discover and develop. Live, learn and work are held in unity and cooperation. In our view, the education provides a career perspective. With the industry we are preparing our students for the job market of tomorrow. Not only in our region but also outside and in the Euroregion (border area with Germany). We characterize us for some decades as an internationally oriented school and during that time built up an extensive network based on successive policies. This policy provides students and staff opportunities in a changing global society and a labor market that is more demanding of knowledge of language, culture and experience. goals We have pursued these goals and realized: a. improve the labor qualifications of potential employees (students) and our own staff. b. improving the labor market prospects of graduates from our roc in times of youth unemployment; c. creating an international atmosphere at our school. d. learning in a context rich environment. e. the last purpose is to improve the language skills via the Summer Courses The specific aims and content of our project are determined by three things: a. The national qualification (crebonr.) The training of the students; b. the student's personal development and c. the specific training needs of our staff. participating students 111 students traveled to eight European countries . The top three are Spain, Germany and Belgium. Seven training areas delivered these students. Top three : Economics and Administration, Health and Welfare, and Sport. Profile of participants: (1) through rural adaptations in the qualification file is level two at ROC Nijmegen is no longer possible and includes the majority of travelers from levels three and four. (2) The age of the participants is mostly eighteen years and older, up to about 24 years. (3) The profile of students is characterized by: enterprising, motivation, self-reliant, initiative, perseverance (4) In addition to these personal characteristics, most students need a work environment that enables different and even greater demands on their abilities. They see it as a challenge to themselves to realize in a country with a different language and culture and to tackle a different approach problems and resolve. Participating staff and teachers 74 Staff members and teachers traveled to five different European countries . In order of interest i: Spain, Great Britain, Finland, Italy and Germany. The staff represented five training domains. in addition to the above, also from the Johan Cruyff College staff were in Italy. Profile of participants: As well as the old and the new policy particpants have to talk with the team manager or manager (planning, progress and assessment). Here the needs of both the organization can as individuals emerge in (eg, turnover) training or career development. VETPRO placements, including our annual exchanges with our US partners, contribute to a better career prospects. Taken actions The practical support to learners and staff came from the teaching team (I) and from the International Office (II). (I) Support to students in preparation for the internship took place largely within the teams. The standard agreements that apply for internships in the Netherlands, are also recorded here (contact, placement visits, communication). The portal for students are also using Erasmus documents and lesson Internationalisation by teachers and staff. (II) Practical support is provided from the International Office to students (A) and staff (B). (A) Student mobility. - International Office was responsible for the delivery of content (above) on the portal. With each application for an internship abroad, we will discuss with the students their completed print of the budget and include it in their file. - Through our network of intermediary organizations internship students are guaranteed accommodation, airport services that meet the demands of social security. (B) Mobility of staff. A solid, almost daily part of the work of International Office is to engage and educate colleagues and teams about the potential of the European program, as well in the euregional district or US exchange.



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