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Grenzen überschreiten, um neue internationale Lehr- und Lernerfahrungen für die berufliche Bildung zu gewinnen.
Date du début: 1 juin 2014, Date de fin: 31 mai 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Background of the Project Basic idea of the project is to promote learning through the experience of sending a teacher for 6 weeks abroad into a "foreign" socio cultural environment. The excellent learning environment results from the situation that, on the one hand, the participating educational institutions’ type and target groups are comparable whereas, on the other hand, language and culture is totally different. Staying abroad helps to open minds and to reconsider the work as a teacher. It helps to "restart" learning while acting as a teacher, to compare own teaching styles with other international approaches. Objectives Improvement of language skills, Develope the internationalisation (network, experience, thinking) of our organisiation Increase the level of european mobility from individuals of our school Gather new ideas from international partner organisations (schools and business partners) Number and profile of participants: 1 We nominate Leon Lenhart, an experienced teacher for Business Administration and Accounting Description of activities Teaching Job Shawdowing Visiting and analyzing foreign partner institutions Learning language Methodology Staying abroad and acting as a teacher in a foreign language in a compareable training institution. Short description of the result and impact We expect an improvement of the level of key competences and skills of the teacher (language, methods, knowledge), a fostering of innovation excellence and internationalisation, an enhancement of the international dimension of education in our organisiation. Further we expect that the general interest and level of information about the ERASMUS Plus projetcs will increase among teachers and students and that more people can be motivated to plan and take part in European mobility projects . Potential longer term benefits As this is the first time we organize a mobility project, we just send one teacher abroad. His mission is to find out what are the needs and the circumstances to make teaching abroad successful for the sending institution. In the long run we want to substantially raise the rate of students and teachers who be part of and international exchange project. We expect to enlarge our networks and give them a more international focus.

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