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Grensetjänsten i Morokulien
Date du début: 31 juil. 2003, Date de fin: 29 sept. 2005 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

– Forget all the rest.What we say is right. This is how things stand.These are words that Trond Erik Grundt and his colleagues at Grensetjänsten in Morokulien may use to put the minds of border commuters at ease. The questions are numerous and the issues sometimes quite complex.Morokulien is situated right on the national borderline of Norway and Sweden, 110 km east of Oslo. Over the past ten years, the local employment agency has helped many Norwegians and Swedes to find employment in the bordering country. An interesting solution but not always problem free; there are gaps between the two countries’ legislation that may hamper the employees. If you work in Norway and live in Sweden, where do you go for sick pay? How about unemployment benefits and parent’s insurance? Is there a risk of falling between two stools? In order to assist the commuters on such issues, Grensetjänsten was introduced, aproject that has proven a true success.– Before coming to see us, they have generally been given different answers at different places. The thought behind Grensetjänsten is to offer one single door to knock on, only one telephone call to make to solve the problem. In their job, Grensetjänsten’s personnel have access to a network of experts from both Norway and Sweden. These specialists represent, for example the customs and taxation authorities, wage-earners organisations and the ministry of foreign affairs. Issues are no longer exposed to protracted procedures of referrals from one instance to the next but are directly subjected to those who can provide the right answers.Where previously amended legislation would have been required, problems are nowadays swiftly expedited. – We offer guidance to many people and it is very satisfying from a personal point of view.The people who consult us feel stuck and then see us helping them to find a solution. Their reaction is often:“Wow, it was that simple!”The project has expired but Grensetjänsten will continue clearing up the administrative jungle and improve the opportunities to create a flourishing region.