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Greentrepreneurship - easier done than said.
Date du début: 1 juil. 2015, Date de fin: 30 juin 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Considering the conditions the world is facing today, as a result of global economic and financial crisis, in particular regarding the high rate of (youth) unemployment and regarding the environmental issues, it is necessary to tackle those issues with long-term oriented thoughtful and holistic strategies that supports sustainable growth and development both on societal and environmental scale. The results of the shifts towards sustainable solutions might not come easily and be seen immediately, nevertheless small steps are needed.In order to reduce stated issues we believe we need to strengthen knowledge and raise awareness of green economy potentials, encourage interdisciplinary collaborative work, support innovations across all sectors of the economy and make sure innovative ideas are environment friendly and can be turned into new products or social services. We share this belief with our partner organizations, thus the project aims to tackle these problems by fostering cooperation and exchanging partner organizations’ experience in the field of green entrepreneurship and youth employability and to develop methodology and practical tool on how to establish a supportive start-up environment which could close the gap between the competences acquired by young people and economic and social needs as well as the needs of the labour market. It is important to provide education and training for young people especially by fostering entrepreneurial mind-set and by providing a supportive start-up services, including mentorship, guidance, counseling and apprenticeships and different activities for enhancing ability to overcome potential lack of professional knowledge, lack of business skills or difficulties in accessing finance.By developing educational module in the field of green entrepreneurship and youth employability the project will provide 12 upskilled youth workers that will be trained during the international training course, who will then provide supportive environment for youth unemployed participants to establish green enterprise and get self-employed. Furthermore, the project will contribute to raising awareness of green entrepreneurship and its importance for sustainable development on broader scale. This will be achieved by organizing six local informational campaigns, by creating green economy newsletters and by communicating with general public though web channels and by using other promotional material.Apart from aiming to raise youth awareness about the importance of sustainable environmental and employability solutions, the project will have also strong intercultural dimension. Through enabling young people and youth workers from all regions to meet, the project will enable creation of a strong network of youth organisations and other NGOs, consisting not only of the 6 partner organisations, but wide range of other association from the involved countries.