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Greening the Business: Green Business Management Trainings
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Systematic and integral training and tools towards green business management excellence and best practice are among priorities of EU strategy for sustainable growth and jobs which puts innovation and green growth at the heart of its blueprint for competitiveness. The training needs analysis will ensure insight into needed knowledge, skills and attitudes of the target group and the most suitable ways of providing training to them. The challenges of greening their business are particularly acute for entrepreneurs in micro and small firms, employees and long-term unemployed who strive to upgrade their social and civic competencies. They tend to have greater problems and also face barriers in accessing affordable training to up-skill and take advantage of finding a job in the green economy. The achievement of the project aims and objectives will contribute to the improvement of the entrepreneurial culture and employee initiative in support to sustainable growth, to the development of green business knowledge and skills and will enrich green business training in the EU through: 1. Planning and testing a green business training module which will develop the entrepreneurs’ and employees’ skills to make sense of the future changes in the environment. 2. Develop and offer a Tool-kit of innovation methods for greening the business. 3. Develop and support an Internet Platform for Distance Teaching and Learning which will provide a learning environment for green business. 4.Contribute to integration of green business training into European curricula. This objective will be achieved via effective dissemination activities and exploitation and sustainability plans of the project and its outcomes. The focus of the project is to provide a straightforward, proactive, and hands-on method, to foster environmentally friendly behaviour and to add a crucial, and often missing, environmental viewpoint to work life. By adding such environmental perspective through training, entrepreneurs and employees can begin to bring business more in line with the concept of sustainability. For achieving the aims of the project the following instruments will be used: needs analysis survey, focus groups, identification of good practices, learning methodology and curricula development, learning materials and tools elaboration, based on the survey results, e-learning platform development, piloting and evaluation of the feasibility of the curriculum, process of consultation with key stakeholders, continuous process of monitoring and revision in terms of ensuring quality, using of various suitable dissemination channels and means for ensuring sustainability and multiplication of the achieved results. The main innovative elements of the proposed project are: • Development of key competences and common educational standards for green business training • Development of e-based learning modules for entrepreneurs, workers and unemployed • Networking of green business trainers • An area for adult training advance that will offer a starting point for further transfer of practices in a specific VET field. The target group of entrepreneurs, employees and low skilled unemployed, interested in green business, is essential for implementing green business processes and practical steps to go green. The key competences and skills and training needs will be identified. The second target group includes managers, trainers in educational institutions providing training and education programmes in the field of green business. The implementation of the project will build on needs assessment and create relevant materials and will design the agenda of training. This will include experience and best practices of all network partners. The project will enable the educational institutions to offer relevant and high quality trainings on green business implementation.



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