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Greening Regional Development Programmes (GRDP)
Date du début: 30 juin 2004, Date de fin: 30 oct. 2007 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

GRDP’s overall aim is to deal with this issue by enabling regions to collaborate and share best practice on how the environment can be better integrated into all programmes benefiting from Structural Funds. This is intended to lead to the development of more effective regional programmes that deliver sustainable results for local people. GRDP will also draft a common European methodology for integrating the environment into regional development programmes, based on the experience of the partners. Achievements: Achievements so far The GRDP project was launched in Dec 2004 in Bath, UK. In May 2005, the GRDP partnership presented the GRDP audit report 'Green Growth' in Vienna. It collects background information needed to give the project the necessary framework for further work. Based on the audit report and discussions, a set of recommendations - the GRDP Declaration - was developed by the partners ('Learning from our experience in integrating the environment into regional development programmes and looking ahead'). Three other technical seminars took place in the UK, Hungary and Greece between 2005 and 2006, and 7 technical reports on topics crucial to environmental integration were produced over that period. Examples of highly successful GRDP reports are: 'Handbook on Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) for Cohesion Policy 2007 –2013' and 'Greening Projects for growth and jobs'. The Handbook on SEA received a warm welcome across Europe in particular from DG Environment, and was translated in Hungarian and Polish. In order to finalise the guidance 'Greening projects for Growth and Jobs', a working group made of partners and experts met in Malta together with national Managing Authorities and the Environment and Planning Authority in May 2006. This guidance document was launched at a side-event organised during the Open Days in October 2006. The last GRDP seminar 'Integrating the environment into future regional development programmes' was organised in Patras (Greece) on 7-8 November 2006. It provided the basis for the development of the final GRDP toolkit and the Charter. The GRDP Charter 'Regions for Sustainable change' and the final GRDP toolkit 'Beyond compliance: how regions can help build a sustainable Europe' were launched at the final GRDP conference on 18 April 2007 in Logroño, Spain. GRDP partners developed this toolkit to help public sector bodies throughout Europe give full weight to environmental issues alongside economic and social objectives in development programmes. A smaller dissemination event targeting new member States was organised in Budapest on 14 May 2007. Partners and the project team participated in 12 events in the UK, Spain, Greece, France, Belgium, Poland, Italy to promote the GRDP results. GRDP partners also encourage organisations to sign the charter 'Regions for sustainable change', as a step forward towards achieving greener regions that can deliver growth and jobs in a sustainable way. 8 organisations have signed it to date. The Charter and the toolkit are available on the website in the 7 GRDP languages.



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