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Date du début: 8 août 2016, Date de fin: 7 sept. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

As finalities, the association organize activities linked to the promotion of active citizenship in environmental themes and protection of the artistic and cultural patrimony, trying to be particulary carefull of the urban degradation. Together with the activities of sensibilisation, protest of degradation and the organization of cultural and turistical initiatives, the association I doing for the last decade actions of direct protection and valorization of green areas and cultural goods by including directly Veronese volunteers but not only. Verona’s belt close the city and offers a vast path that allow a walk in the middle of the vegetation and historical monuments from different periods. This patrimony has been ripped fro the degradation and the neglect exclusively thanks to the work of volunteering, in particular from Legambiente that for 20 years now is promoting the necessity to recuperate it. The work that the volunteers will come to do offers a multiplicity of actions that all tend towards the usability of the Park of the Walls, also thanks to the creation of the Visit and welcome Center of the Park of the Walls to create a new touristic circuit to which the European volunteers can contribute. Legambiente, as an environmental association, fights every day climate changes, with information campaigns towards the citizens and with direct action to reduce the carbonic emissions that suffocated our planet every day. Volunteers will be included in these actions, but also their life will be enrich by the experience of a more sustainable life style. For this project we want to welcome 4 volunteers for 10 month (from the first of September 2016 until the First of July 2017). Volunteers will have the following profile: being interested in environmental and cultural subjects, interested in working outdoors and physical activities, being able to work in a team and share the daily life, being motivated for the project itself, willing to learn the Italian language and culture, being able to work in autonomy and free to try a different life style according to the principal of the association that we think sustainable for our planet. Finally volunteers should be able to demonstrate a tolerance for other culture and the will to discover them. Each volunteer will be implicated in the daily work in the park of the walls and the forts of Verona and the park of Villa Buri, together with other volunteers and the professionals to continue the actions of renovation and to guarantee the access the to green areas of the city. They will be involved in the restoration and valorization of the magistral belt of Verona, guaranteeing to the citizen, tourist, schools, the access and the visit in different parts of the fortifications of the city. Amoung those places, the bastion of San Francesco and the Scarp battery, abandoned for many years, have the necessity to proceed the intervention of restoration and requalification and a following phase of valorization and promotion. They will participate to all our campaigns from the National Legambiente that happen during the year, they will participate to the project Salvalarte that valorize patrimonies considered of minor importance and they will have the possibility to update the Permanent Volunteer Center. The methodology used for the evolution of the project will be the one of the Non formal education and the learning by doing, thanks to a direct experience in the field. The activities that will be done by volunteers will be orientated towards the citizens, thanks to these initiatives, these group of persons (class, young, tourist and citizens) we will try to reach the ones that are interested not only in the initiative itself but the fact that it’s done by a foreigner volunteer. We hope that in the longue term, the Veronese citizens will realize the amazing patrimony historical, cultural and natural and will decide to take care of it. They will live in a single house and they will take care of this, in fact it is just restructured and it is made safe for their stay.



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