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Green-Skills&Competences for a sustainable development
Date du début: 14 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 13 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

PROJECT CONTEXT AND BACKGROUND. The GreenS&Co project was created to strengthen and improve green skills within Southern Tuscany (provinces of Siena, Arezzo, Grosseto) in order to provide businesses with innovative and updated professional figures, who have acquired effective knowledge and skills that, combined with a proper development policy, may result in raising the quality of life standards of the entire area. The socio-economic approach to the Green is, indeed, shared by very different sectors: from agriculture (organic products, short food supply chain, etc.), to industry (waste cycle, innovative technologies, etc.), to the tertiary sector (green products, green and tourism marketing, education, etc.). In order to adequately meet the needs of different types of business, the GreenS&Co project provides opportunities for YOUNG STUDENTS and HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATES / QUALIFIED to experience learning and working mobility abroad, thus allowing them to develop technical and professional expertise in different fields relating to green economy, such as: Alternative Energy, Energy Efficiency, Waste cycle efficiency; Organic products and short food supply chain; Ecological Products; Green Technology; all technologies and processes related to the creation or enhancement of products / services of the territory that could lead to the development of a green economy (tourism marketing, promotion of natural and cultural resources, environmental education, etc.). OBJECTIVES. The project’s main objective is to carry out mobility actions for young people in the field of Green economy. The planned activities are aimed at improving the participants’ life and soft-skills that will help them to be included in the labour market and hard skills related to their curriculum, which could be also useable ACROSS the GREEN ECONOMY sector. Finally, the project will make use of skills and credits recognition methods and tools through Learning units, which can be capitalised and turned into education and / or training credits, in order to recognize and validate the LO through linear and clear procedures in compliance with the ECVET. NUMBER AND PROFILE OF PARTICIPANTS 80 STUDENTS. 16/19 years old students attending Arezzo, Siena and Grosseto State High Schools. 20 HIG SCHOOL GRADUATES / QUALIFIED. Young people who have obtained a vocational qualification or diploma consistent with the theme of Green Economy, by not more than 12 months. ACTIVITIES. The activities of the project shall be as follows: - Project management (divided into four main documents, enclosing the four key aspects of the sound management of the project: Control and Coordination Plan, Learning and Assessment Plan, Communication Management Plan, Dissemination and Valorisation Plan). - Trainees preparation (language, technical, educational and cultural training) - Internships identification and activation (following the selection of participants, the candidate-company MATCHING will be held in collaboration with the foreign parties, which will evaluate the participants profiles according businesses availability). - Ongoing monitoring and ex post. - Final assessment (outcomes, project, good practices). - Dissemination and exploitation beyond the boundaries of the participating territories. METHODOLOGY. The activated methodologies are, essentially, practical and they are all aimed at achieving effective, efficient and repeatable models. RESULTS AND IMPACT. At a general level, the project will have impact mainly on school and training worlds (VET) thanks to: learning outcomes of participants in mobility; acquired skills (life, soft and hard skills); recognition of credits. The dissemination strategy will support the overall objectives and the specific activities of the project: in particular, the publication of the project OUTPUT (materials), but also OUTCOMES (results) and OUTREACH (impact). LONG-TERM BENEFITS. In the long term, we expect: greater attention to Green jobs and to activities related to environmental and energy benefits within the reference areas of the project; extension of the partnership abroad, both in terms of territories and Green jobs skills; ability to implement exchange and cooperation projects thanks to the use of other funds (eg. H2020, Private Finance for Energy Efficiency, other); as the Consortium, the opportunity of exerting influence over mobility management as well as over the adoption of EQAVET framework and ECVET credit recognition system.



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