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Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Within the European 2020 strategy that focusses on a smart, sustainable and inclusive economy there is the need to promote scientific research and technology and innovative entrepreneurship at school level. The growing interest in the use of medicinal and aromatic plants and the resulting increase in market demand also with regard to the derivatives used in pharmaceutical , food and cosmetic sector along with a lack of domestic production has recently attracted attention to the opportunity to grow these plants in marginal areas, where in the past there was a strong tradition of collection of wild medicinal and aromatic herbs. The results expected during the project and on its completion are to bridge the gap between schools and scientifc research and entrepreneurship. The approach with which we intend to achieve these results is interactive and multidisciplinary. It involves the exploitation of the students' digital and computer skills in finding scientifically and technologically correct solutions. Working from this perspective will also make the creation of innovative guidance forms possible , thanks to the collaboration of professionals and experts in pharmaceutical techniques and technology, and will make students become aware of different opportunities in higher education and /or their future job. At the beginning of the project in each partner school the basic concepts the production and use of medicinal herbs and their wide range of applications are studied. After this each partner school decides upon a specific field of use herb medical to be studied throughout the project: galenical preparations (human health), ethnobotanical and phyto-pharmacological (agriculture and environment) or use of flavorings for industrial production (industry). In the first part of the project students get acquainted with herbs medical applications in different sectors (human health, agriculture, environment and industry). each partner will develop the following themes: - identification of strategies for improving the production of medicinal herbs in school, with methods that are compatible with the environment - creation in the school of a vegetable garden and growing of officinali herbs typical of each region. The school garden will be fertilized with self made compost resulting from the transformation of organic waste; - extraction of essential oils and active ingredients from medicinal plants used in various fields (food, galenic and phyto-pharmaceutical preparations) - Researches in theethnobotany and phyto-pharmacological field to verify the properties of herbs and leading to the discovery of new properties of herbal preparations and less traditional potential uses (pesticide, insecticide, repellant for the production of foodstuffs) In the second part of the project students learn how an innovative idea concerning products derived from medicinal herbs can lead to a business application. Supported by researchers and entrepreneurs the students of each partner country study the scientific and business aspects of the production and application of medical herbs in a specific field . At the final meeting the students will present a publicity campaign for their application. Educational workshop for the knowledge of plants and medicinal and aromatic herbs and their use.( theoretical and creative knowledge and usage of plants produced in the school gardens). Use information technology: - presentation of medicinal herbs production from a historical point of view (processing) and geographic (location); - cataloging medicinal plants; - Production and publication ( creation of an internet site); - extraction from medicinal plants of essential oils and active ingredients for galenic preparing - Internships at the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Turin to learn the necessary steps for the realization of a laboratory able to prepare galenicals in developing countries in Africa. The APPA project of the University of Turin has as its objective the preparation of galenic preparations and their quality control 'in developing countries. APPA ® is an NGO born from a project based on no profit volunteer work . where volunteers will be available to teach the local staff responsible for the technical preparation of galenic medicines in accordance with a high level of quality, safety and efficacy. On each transnational meeting ( six in total) the above mentioned learning activities are prepared by the host country. More specific impacts related to the activities during the project meetings: - to gain knowledge of the different properties and different uses of officinal herbs; - to undestand the importance enviromental sustainability actions even when their effects are not visible in the short term; - to increase awareness of the project importance for wider application; - to increase awareness of ethical aspects related to developing countries; - to increase awareness of the great themes analysed



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