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Green Infrastructure For Tomorrow - Together! (GIFT-T)
Date du début: 31 mars 2010, Date de fin: 31 août 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our aim is to deliver a programme of innovative actions that increase the pace and certainty of planning prosperous. green and socially engaged regions. Our aim is to support the development of the EU Green Infrastructure (GI) Action Plan. We will focus on deliverability. broker new relationships and attract new funding for GI. We take planning ‘off the shelf’ and into the community and boardroom. Each work package sees transnational exchange of partners’ skills and experience to transform how we engage. whom we engage with and how we implement GI. Applying our innovative actions in 5 live case studies we realize robust. informed planning and innovative implementation through GI Business Plans. We will demonstrate economic and environmental ‘growth’ with community engagement - a true challenge for the C21st faced daily by the communities. planners and businesses of NW Europe as set out in the EU Operational Programme. Our new approach will address this challenge and focuses on 4 issues that need to be tackled if as a community we are to deliver stronger GI in association with a prosperous NW Europe. We must foster a business sector engaged in delivering GI as a foundation for prosperity. We can’t afford a business sector viewing the environment as a barrier to growth. We must strengthen the Natura2000 network by improving the quality of the surrounding countryside - ensuring sites are not physical remote or isolated in policy. The future of these sites is alongside ‘growth’. We must engage communities in a ‘positive planning’ to bridge the policy divide between prosperity and the environment. Finally. we need a delivery system that responds to the reduction in public funding for implementation of GI. Our response is to develop. test and implement a new methodology that .transforms ‘stakeholders into shareholders’. We develop a ‘shared view’ of an area’s cohesion and growth. identifying real implementation of GI by levering in new funding streams Achievements: In GIFT-T! we collect methodologies from partners in a toolkit and test this in five live case studies while learning from that process. Five Green Infrastructure Business Plans will be developed, with which stakeholders can realise the changes in Green Infrastructure to get the benefits that they want. The toolkit and resulting generic roadmap can be used in other areas. The results from the case studies are to illustrate and inspire others.The 5 case studies are: South HollandThe Campine in AntwerpVlaamse Rand near BrusselsHoo PenisulaThe Mersey Forest



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