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Green, greener, the greenest wind, water and the world.
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The alternative and renewable energy sector is a priority energetic sector in whole European Union member countries. The increasing number of newly established working places have been created within this sector in the recent years and has high potential to grow. Taking into consideration this fact it is necessary to be prepared for education institutions to offer the possibilities to gain the specialties that could be competitative on the labour market and is necessary. While investigating the curiculla situation that are offered for the Lithuanian and Latvian pupils on the vocational education basis it was found out that none of vocational education institutions offer this kind of programme for pupils. Latvian and Lithuanian school directors understanding about the necesity of such curricula and the opportunities for pupils to be employed after graduating this curricula decided to prepare the project and using the know how of other European Union countries having the experience working with alternative and renewable energy technicians programme or its development. 5 partners from Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, the UK and Germany agreed about the importance and potential of such programme and prepared the project "Green, greener, the greenest wind, water, the world". The main goal of this strategic partnership project is using the experience and knowledge of project partners to create "Alternative and renewable energy technician curiculla" for Latvian and Lithuanian partners. In order to achieve this goal the following objectives have been set: 1. To get acquainted with the experience and knowledge of all participating project partners in the alternative and renewable energy sector in their countries (5 blended mobilities for the teachers, experts of the project partner institution will be organized, total 8 participants from 5 countries, who will work on the creation of the curriculla); 2. To organize round table discussions with labour market representatives in Latvia and Lithuania in order to find out the required competences the pupils should have for successful integration into labour market. 3. To organize multiplier events in Latvia and Lithuania in order to share the gained experience and to present the created curricula to the public and stakeholders. It is planned to invite at least 25 participants to each multiplier event. 4. To organize different dissemination activities in all project project partners organizations and countries. 5. In order to implement the planned activities to arrange 4 project coordination transnational meeting and work on the project coordination and management activities. The main result that will be achieved after the implementation of the project is Alternative and renewable energy technicians curricula created for Latvian and Lithuanian vocational education and training schools and the experienced teachers who worked on the creation of the programme have increased their knowledge and competences through the blended mobilities, cooperation with partners and labour market representavives. The added value of this project will be the competent future alternative and renewable energy technicians prepared for the labour market. It will ensure that the qualitative services will be provided to the producers of alternative and renewable energy.



4 Participants partenaires