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Green Entrepreneurship
Date du début: 1 janv. 2015, Date de fin: 31 mars 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project “Green Entrepreneurship” was designed and implemented by YEE and many of its member organisations. It responded to the following needs: lack of opportunities for young unemployed people, lack of entrepreneurial and innovative skills in the formal education, lack of support for young people willing to start their own business and the need of business that respect and help the environment. The project aimed to facilitate the access of young people to the labor market by training their skills, inspiring them to create their own green start-ups and promoting entrepreneurship. The objectives of the project were: - To train young people’s basic skills on how to create green start-ups. - To empower and inspire young people through successful examples and stories. - To give young entrepreneurs support when starting their own green business. - To encourage young people to think “outside of the box” (innovative thinking). - To spread environmentally friendly practices among young entrepreneurs. The aim and objectives were achieved through the following activities: - Training course “Supporting youth in creating green start-ups” (Spain, April 2015) - Local workshops (partner countries, June-August 2015) - Online inspirational campaign with videos about young entrepreneurs (June 2015 - March 2016) - Training course “How to be a green entrepreneur” (Czech Republic, October 2015) - Website section with information about the project, partners and materials. - Online platform with articles, materials and links related to the topic of green entrepreneurship. The project involved two groups of young people: - 18 youth workers, coordinators or active members of the partner organisations: They were the participants of the first TC “Supporting youth in creating green start-ups” and they were involved in the planning of the local workshops and in the creation of the videos for the campaign. They acted as multipliers among young people in their organisations and communities. - 20 young people with green start-up ideas: They were the participants of the second TC “How to be a green entrepreneur”. They were selected by the project coordinator in cooperation with the partner organisation according to their start-up idea and level of motivation. Around 2000 young people in Europe was reached by this project in different ways: - 38 participants, 4 trainers and 5 experts attended the training courses. - 5 local workshops were organised in different countries and were attended by 84 young people. - 8 video-interviews with young entrepreneurs were created and played over 566 times. - A Facebook page was created and followed by over 205 people. - 2 Facebook groups were created after the TCs and they had over 90 post and hundreds of interactions from participants. - A website section for the project was created in YEE website and it had over 1050 views.



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