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Green Communities
Date du début: 31 mars 2008, Date de fin: 30 mars 2011 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Project Aims• Support people to take responsibility for their local environment and develop an effective model, through co operation, for engaging communities in the improvement and conservation of the natural environment.• Raise awareness of the overall climate change in the community• Reduce the impact of climate change through local community action• Use environmental protection actions to encourage social inclusion Project Objectives• To establish supports and promote community group action to improve the quality of the Welsh / Irish environment• To assist community groups to undertake practical environmental work, which, will lead to the improved biodiversity of the region• Improve access to green spaces and transform neglected areas to bring them back into community use• Improve social wellbeing by engaging a wide variety of individuals and groups in community action• Develop and exchange best practise for community group structures and low carbon activity between Wales and Ireland.• Provide training for volunteers• Assess aspects of carbon production ( footprinting) resource conservation and sustainability of community group activity• Identify actions to mitigate any negative aspects of carbon production of community group activity where possible.• Encourage widespread use of the carbon footprinting tool



  • 75%   1 132 756,00
  • 2007 - 2013 Ireland - Wales (UK-IE)
  • Projet sur KEEP platform
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