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Date du début: 29 mars 2011, Date de fin: 28 mars 2013 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project aims to improve the cross-border cooperation in the field of natural resources conservation and dealing with natural disasters as a way of balanced economic development.The efforts of the three partners of the project are put towards improvement in the field of the environmental education and training of young people in the region, attracting visitors – children, youth and special groups of volunteers to take part in Green Centre’s camps for environmental education and survival in the nature, as well as in training of specialized teams to fight with natural disasters.A Green Centre will be built in the municipality of Krumovgrad where training programmes for “outdoors” environmental education of children and youth survival in nature will take place. Training programmes for education of volunteers will be, as well, developed to deal with emergency situations and natural disasters. Specialized training programmes for education of teachers on different techniques to teach children and volunteers will be executed and seminars for training of teachers, children and youths in different age groups, will be conducted. The activities will result in the creation of conditions for joint activities in the nature for children and young people of the cross-border region. Expected Results: With the implementation of this project, opportunities will be created for joint initiatives and activities for children from cross border region which will contribute to building a specific approach to the nature and the problems connected with its preservation. By creating the Green Center "Nature for us and we for the nature” it will be achieved results in several directions:1) Established a joint partnership and cooperation network between municipality of Krumovgrad, Bulgaria and Arriana, Greece in the field of environmental protection by education and training;2) Implemented management joint actions in Natura areas and created conditions for nature preservation. Village of Avren and over 80% of the territory of Krumovgrad municipality and Arriana Municipality are under Natura;3) Creation of conditions for organization of camps and conduction of joint activities in the nature for children and young people from cross-border region; 4) Established and consolidated educational products for children associated with the organization of “outdoors” nature educational classes and activities5) Achieved involvment of adolescents in activities for protection of natural resources in the cross - border region Krumovgrad–Organi and created opportunities for children to become conscious of the current regional and national ecological problems;6) Improved interest and attractiveness of the cross-border region by creation conditions for conduction of children’s and external visitors’ holidays and recreations;7) As a separate aspect of the established cross-border cooperation is considered the possibility for using the Green Center as a basis for training of volunteers, mainly young people, to react in terms of natural disasters, extremely current topic both for Bulgaria and Greece.



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