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green car sharing longtime field test
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project "Green Car Share" is a new, innovative approach to the awareness and the common idea of sharing resources in urban traffic. The project is focused on the setup and a long-term run of car sharing groups using alternative energy. The project wants to prove that the use of car sharing groups using alternative energy is convenient, financially attractive and supports „green goals“. Our aims are * more efficient use of cars * increase the amount of persons in a car * use of renewal energy and reduce urban traffic. It involves 4 partners from 3 countries (Austria, Slovenia and Croatia) The partners from Slovenia, Croatia and the HTL Weiz have a long tradition and experience concerning their technical knowledge. The HAK Weiz shows their strengths in economy and information technology and they can lead the other partners in this area. The Methodology of the project is modern, by using modern tools, such as e-Twinning and EST for discussion, sharing content and ideas. A Web- and mobile Application will be developed in order to support the car sharing participants. The discussions and results will be published. Teaching and learning materials will be provided in an interactive way, raised on a level of teenage and adult thinking and translated into all project languages. The final point will be the yearly "Eco-Race" - a car competition, where lowest fuel consumption makes the winner. Our project results will be: * to setup and run a one year field test using cars with alternative energy * to setup an Internet-Platform (with mobile access) for scheduling and accounting the shared cars * to setup a project website on eTwinning for internal and external communication. * to setup a business plan to operate a car sharing model and run virtual firms. * to run a yearly public car competition (lowest energy consumption) in order to raise public awareness. * work on a concept of encouraging students with low study skills * produce a multimedia and multilingual dictionary and partner presentations A main focus of the project will be students with low study skills, students coming from a difficult financial environment, students with low self-confidence, migration background and other social problems. Although this sometimes applies only to a little part of the class we try to integrate them with the others to establish a strong social bond in the class in order to lead them to a successful graduation. Because of the intense communication and the visits all participants can learn the daily school schedule from other countries and learn from the partners. The language skills of the participants will get increased and improved. The use of modern ways of communication (eTwinning, Skype, etc.) is practiced. Because of the visiting activities to other European countries stereotypes about these countries will be decreased. The students with low study skills, which will be integrated, profit from the group dynamic and will be motivated to do better performance. Because of that the chances of a possible early dropout will be strongly decreased and the chances of a successful career will be increased. The schools gain experience out of the test trial and the European partnership. Therefore the European Image of the schools will be improved. Furthermore this makes the school more attractive for students, teachers and companies. All project experiences of the students are a huge additional benefit for the companies. This special knowledge can be integrated in developing high standard products. This project is an example for good international co-operation within ERASMUS+. ERASMUS+ will get more famous in schools, communities and policy makers. It contributes indirectly to the integration of Europe and the understanding between the nations.



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