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Green Belt Nature Centre
Date du début: 31 oct. 2002, Date de fin: 29 juin 2005 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The goal of the project was to establish a regionally, nationally and internationally operating centre, which would encompass operational entities important from the viewpoint of the region’s development as well as those related to the nature, sustainable development, cooperation between border regions and nature and cultural tourism. Th e centre would be the only round-year centre in East Finland introducing the nature and activities in the border region. Th e entity was to be combined with the nature values of the Russian border region as well as with UNESCO’s biosphere programme. Achievements: The project conducted analysis of the current tourism situation in the region regarding its products and services. In addition, a location study was completed for the centre by creating an effect study of the alternative locations and completing a comparative assessment of the effects. Of the locations for the centre, Parppeinvaara was seen as best combining nature and culture with the existing cultural environment when also considering the buildings already in the area. A business plan, investment calculations and a financial plan were created for the centre and they were tested using market research. An operations plan and an exhibition content plan were made for the centre, which were used as a foundation for building potential programme services for local and regional activities. A cross-border cooperation model was also developed for the centre. In addition, the project published the impressing visual piece Ilomantsi Centre of the Green Zone, which presented the nature of the region and its cultural history as well as sustainable development projects in the area. Cooperation with several stakeholders was engaged in during the project and further action, the will to invest, and other cooperation activities were discussed. The project created the business concept and its content framework for an information centre for the natural environment, Karelian culture and sustainable development. However, the actual centre was not yet established.



  • 90.4%   65 811,20
  • 2000 - 2006 Euregio - Karelia  (FI-RU)
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