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Greece – Italy Facilities for Transport 2.0 (GIFT 2.0)
Date du début: 25 nov. 2013,

The project identifies 27 hubs among ports, airports, bus and railway stations and merge the different existing services or optimize the ones in order to establish a unique interface able to give information, data, tickets and transit times in real time. The project achieves its objectives in the following ways:• Creating a step-change in existing infrastructures, trying to exploit all the mobility systems with a unique ticket and/or no ticket.• Improving an existing network merging different hubs in an extensible platform.• Leveraging ICT* and providing access to customized information on individual mobility needs.• Supporting seamless end-to-end intermodal travel based on information by travel services suppliers.• Providing a Port/ Land standardized information system for multimodal transport providers.• Establishing and promoting databases for providing cultural information etc.

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