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Greece / Albania Energy Tourism (G.AL.E.T.)

The main objective of the GALET project is the incorporation of a green component in tourism in the trans-boundary area of Greece – Albania, and the creation of a “new green Greece – Albania touristic path”. For this purpose attraction points (acting as nodes of the path) will be created through demonstrative application of environmental friendly technologies.Specific targets include:• Demonstrative implementation of mature and targeted projects,• Improvement of tourism infrastructure which leads to growth, new jobs creation and the development of new innovative markets,• Multidimensional contribution to the European and national targets of Greece and Albania (2020) as well as the preparation of strategic intra-regional development plans for green tourism in view of the new programme period (2014 – 2020), • Investigation of mature ready to implement projects of green tourism,• Attraction of private sector investments in the field of tourism.



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