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Greater Operating Temperature Alloy (GOTA)
Date du début: 1 oct. 2012, Date de fin: 30 avr. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The objective of Greater Operating Temperature Alloy [GOTA] will be to select a titanium alloy capable of being fabricated into intermediate compressor casings, and enduring operating temperatures of at least 500 deg C in this service. Industrial manufacture of the selected alloy will be demonstrated, by the production of rolled rings; gravity cast and centrifugally cast samples; sheets, welding wire, and welded samples.• TIMET UK Ltd., [TIMET] will be the Principal Participant, and will lead the Management of the project.• Swansea University will lead the review of literature and prior industrial work. A candidate alloy (Ti+) will be selected based on this review, and on commercial and industrial factors.• TIMET will supply Ti+ billets to Forgital Italy S.p.A. which will manufacture, heat treat, and sample rolled rings.• TIMET will supply Ti+ casting stock to Deritend International, which will manufacture stepped section cast samples by both gravity and centrifugal casting, aiming to overcome the prior low ductility reported in castings of highly creep resistant titanium alloys.• TIMET will manufacture sheet; welding wire, and welded samples of the Ti+ alloy. Significant process development work is required in this task.• Swansea University will test the samples of the candidate to generate a database of mechanical properties for this titanium alloy in cast, wrought and welded forms and analyse the samples to rationalise the test results.• The tests will consist of tensile; creep; LCF; and fatigue crack propagation tests at both room temperature and 500 deg C. Also, tensile tests will be repeated after exposure to air at 500 deg C for extended time period, to check for deterioration in ductility.• TIMET UK Ltd., will lead the reporting of the project, and the Participants will disseminate the results through industrial meetings with potential end users (principally Volvo Aero and Rolls Royce) and through publications in academic journals and conferences.



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