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" Graj ze mną i ucz mnie - tradycja i nowoczesność w aktywizującym nauczaniu"
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project "Play with me and teach me - tradition and modernity in active teaching" is aimed at students aged 6 to 15 years old at schools in Poland, Italy, Spain, Turkey and Cyprus - about 1900. Students, teachers, parents, seniors and employees of institutions cooperating with the schools will take part in project activities. The aim of our project is to improve the quality of education through the use of effective methods, development of emotional intelligence of students, their basic and transversal skills using innovative methods, building intercultural and intergenerational dialogue, effective professional development of teachers, widening and practical use of IT and language skills, equal educational opportunities for students.In carrying out project tasks we will focus on the development of:- a model of learning in action – experiental education. Through the wide introduction of didactic games and plays we want to use more attractive forms and methods of work in and outside classrooms. We want to make the didactic process more interesting, increase students’ motivation, which in turn will affect the overcoming of difficulties at schools and we will achieve higher effects of teaching and learning,- emotional intelligence including psychological and social competences as well as informal teaching. We want to focus on tasks aimed at training this intelligence, often treated marginally in the teaching process and which is a basis for proper functioning in private, professional and social spheres of life. In order to face a growing problem, we want to fill the empty courtyards and corridors by teaching students various group games (taking from the experience of other nations and the elderly) and at the same time develop social skills, cooperation and collaboration. At the same time, we want to focus on improving the skills of teachers working with students with the use of activating methods, increasing their competences in the field of designing and using educational games and group activities. Moreover, we want teachers to be able to construct games with the use of IT, equip them with educational resources - a guidebook, on the basis of the exchange of good practices between our countries.We will pay attention to pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds with fewer educational opportunities, whose inequalities lie in the level of knowledge, social skills, low self-esteem and sense of agency. Including them in the project activities and supporting them during the implementation of tasks, will give them a better chance for a successful start in adulthood.During the project we will implement training sessions in the field of activating methodologies, use of educational games and activities, team games, graphics programs – IT, methods and forms of working with students with special needs. We will conduct workshops for students, which will be attended by teachers, too. During these meetings, each school will present their own good practices on particular issues. Before going abroad, schools will organise preparatory workshops, and after coming back trainings and workshops. On the basis of the analysis of our experience and expertise acquired during the trainings, we want to create with our students: didactic games, team games, a guidebook with games instructions along with lesson plans, a DVD containing videos of games from previous generations and contemporary team games and an international board game - students travel on the map of Europe, stop on fields and answer quiz questions which are of various difficulty. The questions cover mathematics, sciences, humanities and languages as well as economics, safety and civics. All questions will be divided into age categories and formulated in relation to real life situations - using the knowledge in practice. At the end of the project a Play & Science Festival will be organised, including a conference for representatives of partner schools, teachers of other schools and those involved in schools. During the event we will present the DVD, the board game and the guidebook together with proposals for using activating games during classroom and extra-curricular activities. At this time we are planning the open classes.The project will contribute to the strengthening of cooperation between the partners through comprehensive activities regarding broad education - teaching and upbringing. These activities will include: knowledge of best practices and transfer of innovative solutions, expertise, exchange of information and experiences, joint participation in the training. The project will enhance the skills of teachers and increase efficiency through the introduction of activating teaching methods, which make extensive use of innovative teaching aids and actively engage students. Higher efficiency of teaching will result in better scores of school and state exams. It will improve the quality of school work and, as a consequence, the entire educational system.

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