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Graafschap College Grenze(n)loos
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Context and backgrounds of the project Increasing international awareness and competences with students and staff meets with all strategic aims. Cross-border experiences and encounters increase creativity, talents and learning power. In this way Graafschap College, acting from its core tasks, gives an innovative impulse to the labour market. This impulse is the more desirable considering the introvert character of the working population of the Achterhoek compared to that of other regions of our country. It is obvious that the favourable location in relation to Germany will be much more used, especially the so-called ‘Euregio.’ Apart from this Graafschap College remains active in offering work-placements and exchange programmes with countries outside the Euregio. As a result of the economic crisis the labour market perspective in the region has deteriorated fora n important number of jobs. This has led to a substantial growth of (youth) unemployment. A growing orientation and education with an international focus reduces the mbo-student’s vulnerability. For this call the implications are that the focus is much more directed towards Germany, as compared to previous calls. For 33 staff members a subsidy will be applied for to increase their German language skills in order to start a co-operation with a ‘Berufskolleg’ in Berlin. This is expected to have an innovative effect and appeal to students and that education programmes can be adapted to each other. For 25 students Germany is already scheduled in their diary. In this call 39 staff members and 154 students have been included. Compared with the previous call 2014-2016 this means an increase of 100 individuals. The total calculated amount fort his call is € 657.056,-. Taking into account the amounts we received for students in the last two years, we as kan amount of € 461.834,- fort his call. Aims and results Increasing international awareness and competences with students and staff meets with all strategic aims. At any rate an international orientation ensures a reduction of the student’s vulnerable dependence of the regional economy. Besides, an external orientation contributes to general competences and a more active and creative professional attitude among graduates, which adds to the attractiveness of a candidate for a potential employer. Finally the candidate will be inclined to focus on other regions more readily. Staff members are expected to implement the newly acquired views, methods and knowledge. Number and profile of the students The students are mainly level 3 and 4 students of the departments Healthcare and Welfare, Economics and Finanacial Services and Technics and Information Technology. A new group of partcipating students is formed by students from ‘My School’, a very special group of students within Graafschap College. The work-placements vary from 2 to 20 weeks Implementation of the project The project will be carried out in co-operation with long-standing foreign partners and with intermediaries. Graafschap College serves as co-financing agent for students who make use of one of four intermediary agencies which have been acknowledged by the school. For every one of these students Graafschap College contributes an amount of €200.- Intended results and impact 1 Improvement of the students’ labour market perspective. From presentations and reports by the students it always becomes clear that language skills have improved, that they confront other customs and cultures with an open mind and that their independence has increased. Students and staff bring back extra professional baggage as a result of their international experiences and in this way they contribute to the development of the region the moment they start working for a company in their own region. This is the case, for example, when they bring in a valuable network resulting from their international experiences. But, of course, outside the region internationally qualified employees are also wanted. 2 By exchange programmes with other schools and companies/ institutions abroad Graafschap College can acquire new ideas and gain new knowledge which can be implemented in its own education. Of course the reverse is possible, too. This exchange of knowledge can be directed at both education methods and at professional topics. 3 Ambassadors role for students and staff with international experience Best practices are shared at all levels within the school. Example: curriculum: pilot internationalisation, but direct lines within Graafschap College ensure that internationalisation is on the agenda, both as part of the policy and in realization. Staff and students are aware that they can move their horizons and can learn in an international setting owing to the international activities Graafschap College offers.



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