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Governance models for sustainable integrated rural development and multifunctional agricul-ture; networking and dissemination on the web (GOVERNET)
Date du début: 31 déc. 2003, Date de fin: 29 avr. 2007 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The main objective of the project is to promote sustainable development of rural areas within the context of a strong integration with other activities undertaken by small and medium enterprises (SMEs) located in rural areas, thus promoting a diversified economic structure and a social stable development. The project aims to give concrete application through its models of the following concepts: - sustainability, ended both as reduction of negative impacts on the environment and health and preservation of the natural and human resources; - integration with other activities, particularly those related to the artisanal processing of products, their commercialisation as well as social and tourist activities; - multifunctional of agriculture, related to the actual possibilities of intervention in the rural areas and on the social context, also in terms of employment. GOVERNET wants identifying operational governance models for rural development in specific case study areas, covering various typologies of CADSES region, such as: mountainous areas, piedmont areas, lowland areas along river valleys, peri-urban/ peri-industrial areas, coastlands. For each case study area seminars for the starting up of the governance system, dissemination on the web (Internet) of the models and an informational interactive system; vocational training and updating courses; twinning areas; territorial marketing studies will be initiated. Expected Results: Foreseen results of the GOVERNET project include: - An evaluation framework of the spatial, environmental, socio-economic and institutional impact in various rural areas; quantification in physical and financial terms of indicators for significant cases of the study areas, - Governance models for the sustainable development of each typology of rural areas considered (mountainous, piedmont areas, river valleys, peri-urban and peri-industrial areas), including integrated strategies focused on the multifunctionality of agriculture, - Transnational approach also involving scientific aspects: the strong interaction of the partners concerned, guidelines, knowledge and experiences for scientific research in applications for rural development, - Transnational networking among the interested parties in the considered areas, reference areas and new actors/stakeholders. It represents a starting point to analyse and elaborate new projects, even in different fields, - For each case study area, seminars for starting up governance system will be initiated. Moreover, the project's activities include the dissemination of the models on the Internet, an informational interactive system, vocational training and updating courses as well as territorial marketing studies, - Twinning activities between Italian and Greek partners and between Moldavian and Slovenian partners have started. The activities foresee the exchange of knowledge, trips and visits to the other country, meetings and discussions on the activities concerning local development. This leads to a cultural approximation between the populations.



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