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Governance and Integrated Observation on marine Natural Habitat (GIONHA)
Date du début: 13 avr. 2009, Date de fin: 13 avr. 2012 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The design theme is the protection and enhancement of the marine resources of particular natural cross-border environmental issues and awareness of protection of marine habitats that support the area of ​​the Pelagos Sanctuary. Reference area: marine-coastal area defined as "specially protected area of importance in the Mediterranean Pelagos Sanctuary" which covers about 90,000 km2 in north-western Mediterranean Sea between Italy, France and Sardinia, and affects the Tuscan coast, Liguria and northern races Sardinia. The overall objective to be achieved is to promote the protection and enhancement of natural habitats marine / coastal protected areas that support the "Pelagos Sanctuary," rich and diverse marine ecosystem characterized by the presence of cetaceans and to develop a joint distribution of the environmental sensitivity through a participatory management. Target consumers: the scientific community, stakeholders from business related to fishing, tourism operators, control authorities of the area and the coastal marine environment, local authorities aimed at enhancing the area, students and citizens. Main activities and operations provided: 1) Shares of study and monitoring of marine ecosystems / characteristic coastal area; 2) Pilot projects for the reduction of the impacts of human activities on marine ecosystems through a participatory management; 3) The process of sensitization and enhancement of marine habitats addressed to local stakeholders; 4) Information and environmental education to promote awareness of coastal and marine habitats studied; 5) Communication plan of the project and technical / administrative project and cooperation with the Authority of the OP Expected Results:  Creation of a computerized archive of emergencies flora / fauna acquired to date;  Definition of impacts on fisheries and maritime / commercial - Assessment of health status of populations;  Definition of identified pressures - geo-referenced mapping of waste on the seabed - good practice for waste management;  Dissemination of knowledge acquired and shared, participatory criteria, the area's environmental problems and opportunities;  Dissemination of environmental sensitivity, coordination of scientific activities and animation of the territory;  Common definition and implementation of educational and informational projects to be replicated on a large scale in all regions;  extensive and effective communication of information and project results, shared and disseminated across borders with a special focus on international events.



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  • 2007 - 2013 Italy - France Maritime (IT-FR)
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