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Gotuj, obsługuj i mów po angielsku
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project “Cook, serve and speak English” carried out by gastronomic high schools from Poland, Turkey, Slovakia and Slovenia is based on similar inspirations of the schools to improve the quality of teaching vocational foreign language. The main aim of the project is creating a modern work tool in the form of bilingual didactic-methodological manual for English in gastronomy in a multimedia version and with the possibility of printing it out. The manual is going to be available in a version for teachers (among others lessons drafts, tests, answer keys) and as a didactic help for students (work cards, thematic dictionary for each chapter, texts to practice reading comprehension). Thanks to creating the manual the database of materials used on lessons is going to be extended. In order to correlate English and vocational gastronomic subjects we are going to use the CLIL method which will enable English teachers to develop factual competences concerning gastronomy. Teachers are also going to improve their skills concerning IT and the knowledge gained by them is going to be used in the project. The next aim we want to achieve is the ability of students to carry out evaluation of their language skills by filling in Europass Language Passport which is going to be validation of thier achievements. By implementation of the project we are going to improve the quality of teaching as far as voactional English is concerned, widen the database of materials used on lessons, implement the CLIL method and increase professional qualifications of both teachers and students. Taking part in the project is going to help us improve the quality of teaching in the partner schools and arouse interest of potential employers who will establish cooperation with schools and their graduates more willingly. Thanks to implementation of the project teaching programme is going to be supplemented with new content and forms of teaching a foreign language in gastronomy. Dissemination of publications concerning our project and the products among schools which have a similar profile of teachinf in Europe will contribute to widen the database of Open Educational Resources for English in gastronomy.



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